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Why Not Move Back to Nigeria?

Posted by Jeremiah Williams on December 8, 2016

In the wake of the charade that Nigeria is slowly becoming, it is highly unlikely for anybody to suggest that you moved back into the country. Exchange rate is a mess, inflation looms at double digits and climbing, and we plunge deeper in a recession with an end far from sight. It is, in fact, almost impossible to think in this direction with the current state of affairs when you can remain where prices are just right, power is constant, and every other thing works perfect. Right? Not quite. Truth is, for these exact reasons, you would be on the winning side if you move back to Nigeria.


The reason is simple – the odds are entirely in your favour. Of all the reasons for this, the immense dollar demand pressure that has caused a staggering fall in the value of the Naira, ranks high on the list of benefits you stand to enjoy if you return. Basically, the worth of the foreign currency you have today, could be as much as three times higher than it was the last time you were in Nigeria. In other words, for the same amount of dollars or pounds, you can get much more than you could before – even with the inflation.

More so, the Nigerian terrain has never been this favourable for business – at least as far as funding is concerned. When you have the capital requirement on ground, chances of you failing out are slim. With the extra Naira opportunity you have, you can situate your business in the right location, source for input locally, and commence operations unbridled. Being that you have recently returned from ‘foreign lands’ with an intention to stimulate the Nigerian economy, governmental policies would not work against you. Nigeria subtly craves for employers of labour that would help reduce its disturbingly high unemployment rate.

From that, you can tell that your factors of production would not be hard to garner. Land would come cheap to you, as property prices have fallen in the light of the economic shock. Labour would be at your beck and call, as you can conveniently handpick your team of qualified personnel, for also less than you would expect. Your capital stays intact, and your entrepreneurship skills would be at expatriate level. Your success would know no bounds if you can leverage on the vast agricultural opportunity that is available in almost every part of the nation as well.

On top of all these, you can score it big time by going into exportation. With the foreign networks you have made, and the favourable policies on ground for exportation, your income can be in dollars. All the more chances of you conquering the industry your business lies in. Even if opening a business is not your primary target, your foreign experience would help you secure a lucrative job. Moving back to Nigeria has even more benefits in store for you than you can imagine. So why not move back to Nigeria today, and begin to reap the benefits of your motherland.

Written by Lawretta Egba of

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